Tuesday's COVID update from the Louisiana Department of Health has given another slight rise in our total state COVID hospitalizations, but more progress in limiting community spread of the pandemic virus.

Louisiana added 553 new cases to its COVID totals today, bringing the state's total number of confirmed positive COVID cases to 165,624.

The state's % positive rate today is 3.0% with 553 new cases and 18,139 processed tests.

A 3.0% positive rate is a glowing indicator of better control of the spread of COVID. At the peak of our COVID wave in late-summer, our % positive rates were close to or beyond 10%.

Louisiana added 10 COVID deaths today, bringing the state's total death count to 5,308.

For Lafourche Parish, there were 18 new COVID cases today. Lafourche's % positive rate today is 3.9% with 18 new COVID cases and 455 processed tests.

The parish has 122 COVID deaths.

We have made great progress in our pandemic fight, and looking at COVID hospitalizations shows that progress.

At the peak of this latest wave of the pandemic earlier this summer, our COVID hospitalizations ballooned to 1,600.

Since the masking mandate and tightened mitigation efforts, those numbers leveled off, then have gradually decreased - even as we have gotten into Phase 3.

Today, our COVID hospitalizations are 578. They were 563 yesterday. This is our second-straight day of a small hike in COVID hospitalizations - a number worth tracking in the coming days.

There are 80 COVID patients on ventilators in Louisiana. That number was 83 yesterday.

In our region, Region 3, COVID hospitalizations are also on the decline. After rising to 82 COVID hospitalizations at the peak of the late-summer wave, our local COVID hospitalizations have now dropped into the low-20s.

New region-by-region data has not been updated for today. We will post those numbers as they are available.

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