The new COVID-19 report from the state of Louisiana has given new cases to both the state and Lafourche Parish, but most importantly, an increase in state hospitalizations.

State COVID-19 cases now number 51,595, a large jump from the 50,239 cases that were reported by the Department of Health yesterday.

The new cases come from tests processed between 12:01 p.m. yesterday and 11:59 a.m. today.

The state processed 17,875 of those tests in the new update, which is a huge number, which, in part, is a reason for the large increase.

Adding 1,356 new cases to 17,875 new tests is a 7.5 percent positive rate.

A total of 3,021 Louisiana residents have now died of COVID-19. That's up from the 3,004 deaths the state reported yesterday.

For Lafourche Parish, there are now 1,034 total COVID-19 cases. That's up from 1,027 cases reported yesterday.

The parish has 83 COVID-19 deaths. That's the same number that's been reported for many days.

The most important stat right now in Louisiana's pandemic fight are hospitalizations - numbers that more accurate show the current picture.

At the peak of the pandemic, Louisiana had 2,100+ patients hospitalized with COVID-19-related ailments. That number once dropped into the 540-patient range, but in the past 7-10 days, it's risen back slightly and is now 646. It was 630 patients yesterday.

Ventilator use was once a great concern, as well, but now is no longer an issue, because of federal reinforcements.

The state once had 571 patients on ventilators and was in great danger of running out of the machines.

But that number, too, has dropped drastically and is now 83. It was 77 yesterday. That number, too, has been on an incline after dropping into the low 60s earlier in June.

But ventilator shortages were an issue early in the pandemic, but are not now. The state has a huge supply of ventilators on reserve if there is a second wave.

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