Victory Life

Victory Life Church in Lockport said it's important that we all stay together during the COVID-19 outbreak - even if apart.

The church, like many others in the region, have moved services online, offering masses on Facebook Live.

Pastor Chris Beirs, a Youth Pastor at the church, said youth groups and children's groups are also meeting online to play music and pray during the Shelter in Place order.

Church offices are open and people are able to stop by if they want to pray with pastors - though social distancing measures are being practiced.

"We're doing what we can to stay together and let people know we're with them," Beirs said. "We're keeping our distance and listening to the advice given to us, but we're also staying as close to our people as we can in this tough time."

Beirs said to see the number of people who are viewing services is heartwarming and is a sign that people are coming together through God during this tough time - even while physically apart.

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