The Louisiana Department of Health's Wednesday COVID update has given the state a slight hike in its COVID hospitalizations, but the increase is not expected to be a cause for concern.

The state reports 301 COVID hospitalizations today, up from 299 reported yesterday. Our hospitalizations have tumbled in recent weeks from a peak of near-2,100 to the current position. The cause of the decreases have been successful mitigation measures and our vaccination program, which has ramped up in recent days.

Today's small increase is not expected to be a cause for concern, as all 9 regions of the state's grid have seen huge decreases in recent weeks.

The state reports 46 COVID patients on ventilators today, down from 47 yesterday. 

In Region 3, there are 8 COVID patients hospitalized, down from 9 yesterday. Patients on ventilators are flat at 1 - the same number we've had now for a week.

The state reports 719 new COVID cases today, bringing the state's total confirmed COVID case count to 381,721 since the start of the pandemic last year.

The state's % positive is a tic elevated at 4.2% with 719 new COVID cases and 16,950 processed tests. Our COVID positivity has been mostly below 3% most days, so today's 4.2% positivity is a little high, but it should be noted that last Wednesday's number was also a little elevated, then numbers settled for the rest of the week.

Louisiana has 11 new COVID deaths today, bringing the state's confirmed death total to 9,332 since the start of the pandemic. 

For Lafourche, there are 8 new confirmed COVID cases today, bringing the parish's confirmed case totals to 7,160 since the start of the pandemic. 

Lafourche's new 7-day positivity is 1.2%, down from 2.3% reported last week. 

At 1.2%, Lafourche is among the leaders in all of Louisiana. 

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