Vision Communications has done a lot of work in the past 7 days to restore cable and internet services to customers.

The company announced today that 58.4% of Lafourche customers from Raceland to Golden Meadow are back online and more than 60% of customers reside in nodes that have been brought back up.

Since last week, Vision has been working around the clock sweeping neighborhoods from Raceland down to Ludevine/Northern Larose clearing trouble tickets and connecting more than 84% of customers residing in the above-mentioned areas.

Six nodes were recently brought back online, beginning to connect customers in the following areas as our teams begin to resolve issues in Larose and push further south into Cut Off and Galliano:

- East 16th Street to East 19th Street

- East 60th Street to East 64th Street

- West 71st Street to West 84th Street

- East Smith Street to East 140th Street.


Node 9, which serves Larose customers north of the Intracoastal on both 308 and La. Highway 1 sides of the bayou, including areas from La Village Drive to Industrial Park Road and Virginia Street to Ledet Lane, began coming back online Sunday.

Many techs have been dedicated to these neighborhoods – sweeping the area to ensure cabling/wiring to customers' homes is repaired and/or correctly re-installed.

Vision continues to balance and repair this node and are effectively bringing customers back online as the node nears complete restoration.

All nodes in Golden Meadow are currently under construction with 4 of the nodes serving Galliano already in the splicing phase of restoration.

Vision wants to remind customers that even though the wiring to your home may be complete, services will not be restored until the node servicing your neighborhood is completely repaired.

Of the 47 nodes connecting our Lafourche community, 33 have been completely repaired by the company's construction and engineering teams with 8 nodes coming back online this past week. Vision says that less than 100k feet of network to repair from the Ida damages.

Vision says that customers will receive credit for services that are not being used.

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