Wednesday's coronavirus update has given new cases to the state, but also another small drop to Louisiana COVID hospitalizations for a second-straight day.

There are 1,544 patients hospitalized due to COVID in Louisiana. That number was 1,583 yesterday. There are 221 patients on ventilators due to COVID in the state. That number was 214 yesterday. 

Hospitalizations are the most accurate measure of progression or regression in a pandemic that's now many months old. Our hospitalizations rose sharply this spring, then dropped drastically due to mitigation measures in Louisiana. As things have slowly re-opened, numbers have risen again, though in the past week, they have plateaued, which some believe is a sign of success.

In Region 3, there are 69 COVID hospitalizations. That number was 70 yesterday. There are 7 ventilators employed due to COVID in Region 3. That number was 6 yesterday.

The hospitalizations are coming from new coronavirus cases, numbers which rise daily. 

There are now 112,773 total COVID cases in Louisiana, up from 111,038 yesterday. 

The new cases come from tests processed in the past 24 hours. There were 18,827 processed tests in the new report. Adding 1,735 new cases to 18,827 processed tests represents a 9.2% positive rate, again lower than the 10% mark the Federal Government benchmark. 

Bad news from today's update comes in Louisiana deaths. There are now 3,769 COVID deaths in the state, up from 3,700 yesterday. Those figures are expected to continue to rise in the coming days are more patients are on ventilators now than in recent weeks, and those patients are usually at greatest risk to perish. 

For Lafourche Parish, total COVID cases are now 2,446. They were 2,404 yesterday. The parish has 96 COVID deaths, up one in the past 24 hours. 

Lafourche added 42 COVID cases yesterday in 265 processed tests. That's a 15.8% positive rate. 

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