Louisiana remains in Phase 2 of the Federal Government's coronavirus economic re-opening plan.

But the White House Coronavirus Task Force is recommending that the overwhelming majority of the state be placed back into Phase 1.

The Task Force sends out a weekly progress report to governors around the country each week.

In the latest report given to Governor John Bel Edwards, the report says that 51 of Louisiana's parishes (including Lafourche and Terrebonne) are in the "red zone", which calls for heavy restrictions based on per capita cases, per capita deaths and nursing home outlooks over the past few weeks of data.

For the "red zone" parishes, the federal government calls for restrictions tighter than we currently see in Louisiana.

Red zone parishes are recommended to close gyms, limit gatherings and business spaces to 25 percent their fire marshal capacity and to move restaurants back to take-out or outdoor dining options only. Red zone parishes are also recommended to close bars.

Louisiana is not required to follow this guidance, and so far, the only enhanced restriction that Governor Edwards has enacted is the closing of bars to take-out or drive-through services.

In the coming days, he's said he would review the data and see if other moves needed to be made.

Governor Edwards is expected to speak today at 4 p.m., and he will likely address the latest findings.

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