The Bayou Bell Ringers and its supporting agency We Can All Ring, Inc., would like to give our sincerest heart filled thanks to Chad and Trixy Boudreaux (Joe’s Septic Contractors Inc.) for their more than generous personal contribution to the Ringers.

The past few years have been really hard on the Bayou Bell Ringers financially. We have been committed to the wonderful loving population of people with handicaps and disabilities for 25 years in the Lafourche, Terrebonne and Jefferson parishes, offering them unparalleled experiences in music therapy through the art of hand bell ringing as it originated on Bayou Lafourche.

These experiences foster self-confidence, increased attention span, and improved cognitivism that they use in their everyday lives, contributing to community functioning and being happy well-adjusted individuals.

Our community has always been very generous to this very special group of performers. Should you want to help, our address is: P. O. Box 116, Cut Off, LA 70345.

We have many generous donors who wish to remain anonymous, who we wish to thank as well. That is why we have been able to maintain this priceless group for so many years.

With the economy the way it has been for the past several years it has been an ever present struggle to keep this organization alive. The day-to-day expenses such as bell replacements for broken bells and insurance needs have been a particular hardship we have struggled to overcome. This in turn puts an even greater financial burden on an already strained budget. That is why you are such a great blessing to us and have in a very real sense given us another year.

Expenditures on insurance and day-to-day upkeep of our group’s needs greatly hinder what places we can perform and what we can offer the public. With your generous help, we can continue our mission to ring hand bells for GOD’s glory and show that people with handicaps/disabilities are people first. The only limits they have are the ones we place upon them.

May GOD mightily bless you for your tremendous contribution!

Janice Grammer

Bayou Bell Ringers

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