As a small business owner and Chair of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, I applaud the leadership demonstrated by Senator Sharon Hewitt (R- Slidell) to curb the job-killing lawsuits targeting Louisiana oil and gas. The energy industry is the backbone of our economy— employing one out of every seven workers.

The relentless legal attacks on one of Louisiana’s top job creators hurt everyone. From direct legal costs, to higher insurance rates, to investors who refuse to come to here— the negative impact on job creation and our ability to grow the economy cannot be overstated.

For far too long, hard-working Louisianans have been held back by the state’s extreme legal climate. Across Louisiana, small business owners describe lawsuit abuse as the primary driver of the uncertainty and inconsistency that discourages investment in the Pelican State. It is clear the status quo is not working. I applaud Senator Hewitt and the majority of other lawmakers who are working to make a difference.

If we’re going to rebuild our economy in the aftermath of COVID, we have to send a clear signal that Louisiana is a fair and predictable place to do business. There are few actions the legislature can take this session that will do more to encourage long-term economic recovery and growth.


Maura Donahue

Chairman of the Board

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

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