Well what do we have here?

For the first time in a while, we’re actually able to do our Weekly Mailbag on its intended date of Wednesday!

This week, we’ve gotten a bunch of questions about a variety of topics, so let’s dive in and get going!

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Q: Tell me about Tioga baseball?

A: This is the question I’ve gotten the most in this week’s mailbag, so I will knock it out right off top. Tioga is the No. 1 team in the state in Class 4A because of its pitching. The Indians have multiple college-level arms and they just don’t give up runs, which means that they stay in games — even when they’re off at the plate. Since April 1, Tioga has played 13 games. In those 13 games, the Indians have allowed just 16 runs. That’s ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is that 7 of those 16 runs came in 1 game — an 8-7 win over Neville on April 1. So that means that in the other 12 games, the team has allowed just 9 combined runs. Blake McGehee is the Indians’ ace, and is an Ole Miss signee. He is likely going to be their game 1 guy. But the Indians also have guys like Haydan Toal, David Roper and others who are all capable of working deep into games.

Q: What do the Tarpons have to do well to beat Tioga?

A: I think they have to play near-flawless defense and have to throw strikes early in the count. When you’re facing a pitching staff that will likely hold you under 5 runs, it puts a lot of pressure on your pitcher and your defense to not give anything away for free. Fortunately for South Lafourche, defense was maybe the strong suit of the entire team in the Second Round win against Breaux Bridge, so that’s a phase of the game that is coming into the series hot. I think lastly, the Tarpons will have to be near-flawless situationally in the series. If there’s a runner at 3rd base and less than 2 outs, that runner has to score. If there’s a runner on 1st and no outs, that sacrifice bunt has to get down. If there’s a ball in the dirt, the base runners have to move up. All of those little things become big things when facing pitchers who likely aren’t going to give up a ton of opportunities.

Q: What do you think about the Saints’ draft?

A: It was a little confusing to me. They picked a guy in the First Round that they could have gotten in the Second Round, then proceeded to reach a couple more times on a few other players. Look, I hate to make blanket statements about a draft class months before the season even starts. But most of the draft analysts who have assigned letter grades to teams have given the Saints a C or a D in the publications that I’ve seen. Maybe they’ll prove everyone else wrong, but goodness, that’s a slippery slope to try and navigate.

Q: Why have you guys not done anything on the re-naming of the field house for SLHS?

A: Because the (incredibly deserving) recipient does not know that he is being honored, and we didn’t want to spoil the surprise. :) When it’s all said and done, we will do something on it, no doubt!

Q: Do you think the Pelicans will make the playoffs?

A: I don’t, and I think it’s better that they don’t. The Pelicans are three back of the Spurs in the loss column with six games to play — all against teams in playoff contention. That’s a tall, tall task. Get in the lottery and try and get lucky. That, to me, is a better plan than pushing all-in to try and be the 10-seed, then getting clobbered once in the dance.

Q: What’s your take on the “Unwritten rules of baseball” debate that is always ongoing on social media?

A: Great question. I think that by and large, people need to grow up. This idea that professional athletes are for some reason supposed to be banned from showing emotion when doing something productive on the playing field is absurd, and even more absurd is the idea that throwing a baseball 100 mph at someone’s body is proper retaliation for when someone is perceived to have “crossed the line.” I’m all for sportsmanship, and there are some instances when it’s gone across the line. But it’s sports. It’s entertainment. The guys are playing to an audience. More emotion is better. Everyone on the field is making 6 figures, and most are making 7 or 8 figures. Grow up. Giving up a home run and watching someone showboat isn’t that painful.

Q: Give me a first-round pick you liked and didn’t like?

A: I think Penei Sewell to the Lions was a great pick. I think he’s a can’t-miss offensive tackle who is going to be an impact player in the NFL for a decade. I was hoping the Benals would pick Sewell over Ja’Marr Chase, quite frankly. As for a pick I didn’t like, I wasn’t a big fan of Alex Leatherwood to the Raiders at No. 17 overall. Leatherwood was projected as the No. 60 overall player on ESPN.com’s draft board. To pick him at No. 17 is just plain stupid.

Q: Has Aaron Rodgers played his last game for Green Bay?

A: No. I don’t think so. I actually think he will have to retire before the Packers get rid of him. He can’t just hold out. Sure, he’s rich, but it’s going to cost millions in fines. I think they’re going to work it out.

Q: If you could start a wrestling company with any 1 competitor — male or female — who would it be and why?

A: I want to say Matt Riddle, but then realize that he is older than me, so that takes some of the luster off that pick. I don’t want anything AEW has. The entire AEW roster is like eating a bowl of skittles. They’re all different colors, but ultimately, it’s all the same. And if you have about 30 of them, your stomach starts to hurt. I guess I would pick Roman Reigns — as difficult as that is for me to do, because I’m not a fan. But it’s undeniable the impact he’s made since turning heel. He’s legitimately a bonafide superstar who is over with the fans.

Q: What is your favorite decade of music?

A: The ‘70s or the ‘90s. I like old school, and I like the stuff from when I was a kid. The ‘80s are too cheesy, the ‘60s are too retro, and today’s music is mostly overproduced garbage.

Q: If you could eat only 1 breakfast food for breakfast for the rest of your life, would you choose a sweet or salty food?

A: Wow, this is tough because I am a cereal fanatic. But I also love omelets and things like that. I will go salty, because I eat cereal and stuff for snacks throughout the day, so I have a chance to have my cake and eat it, too, in this one.

Q: Which part of the chocolate rabbit do you bite first?

A: Almost always the ears. Don’t know why, I can’t explain it. But I almost always bite the ears first.

Q: Saw on Facebook you’re a fan of the soaps. Who is your favorite character?

A: Jack Abbott all day. He’s the lovable underdog.

Q: Will you be going to Tioga? And then to Sulphur?

A: Yes to Tioga, and yes to Sulphur if the Tarpons make it there.

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