You know, when we made our weekly schedule, I intentionally set our mailbag to be on Wednesdays because that is an off day from baseball and a day when I usually am a little less busy and more able to commit to answering questions.

Welp, Mother Nature had other plans this week, didn’t she?

Because weather moved up our Thursday-scheduled baseball game to Wednesday, I was unable to do my mailbag yesterday.

Better late than never, right? Let’s do this. Here’s this week’s Sort-of Hump Day Mailbag.

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Q: Which SL baseball team is better? The 2018 team or this one?

A: Geez, what a tough question to answer right out of the gate. Obviously, both were/are really good. I will go out on a limb and say that 2021 might be a little better top-to-bottom. The 2018 team was solid, but they also had a cheat code by the name of Blake Ougel — an ace pitcher who won every, single time he touched the ball. This year’s team doesn’t have that true ace, but I think their offense top-to-bottom is a little better and I think they have more depth. So give me 2018 if I have to win 1 game because of Ougel. But give me 2021 if I have to win a 3-game series.

Q: What do you make of the Watson situation in Houston?

A: His goose is getting close to being cooked. It’s feasible to believe that 1 masseuse would be orchestrating a money grab to trap a millionaire quarterback. Heck, I’d even be willing to believe that the fix were in if there were 5 or even 10 accusers. But we’re up to 20+ accusers now, and it’s beginning to get hard to believe that EVERYONE is making this all up. Two things: One, trade demands in the NFL are rare, but Watson vehemently decided he needed out of Houston — coincidentally enough — just before this all broke. Interesting, right? Two, his “defense” for the accusations was laughable. He got 20 masseuses to issue a statement saying that they massaged Watson without issue. Why in the hell does someone need 20 masseuses? That defense, to me, says clearly that this guy has a problem.

Q: Why all the hate towards the Pelicans in this mailbag?

A: Because it’s the truth. The Pelicans moved here in 2002. In those almost 20 years that have passed, the team has never — not once — been a title contender. And in those 20 years, the team has lost every, single building block player they’ve ever had — all of them on bad terms. Baron Davis, Chris Paul, Eric Gordon, Anthony Davis — literally them all. So now, we’re in the Zion Era, and suddenly, I’m supposed to believe that things will suddenly change? They won’t. They Pelicans are 22-29 and are locked into the worst place to be in the NBA hierarchy: the middle. They’re young, have draft picks and will get better, sure. But they will never reach the peak of the league, which will cause the stars to get antsy. Rinse. Repeat.

Q: Give us a Master’s pick.

A: Jon Rahm was my pick to start the week, and I admit — as I’m writing this, it’s late-afternoon Thursday, so I’m able to see that he had a strong opening round.

Q: What are you hearing out of LSU’s spring camp?

A: I think the Tigers are loaded. Every, single last thing I’ve heard on the field about the team has been good. The offense returns everything. They will be one of the better offenses in the SEC. The defense seems to be taking to the new coaching staff’s energy and passion, which should make that unit strong, as well. The biggest challenge for LSU is just getting to the season. The off-field things flying around the program and university are endless. I don’t think it’s going to amount to much, because most of the players are no longer at the university. But it has to be tiresome — especially when in the most competitive conference in the country.

Q: Best Easter candy?

A: I’m a jellybeans guy. My Nanny (shoutout) got me some for Easter that are absolutely, positively delicious! I’ve been snacking on those since Sunday.

Q: If you could have any current wrestler headline this Wrestlemania with any former wrestler, who would face off and why?

A: 1980s Hulk Hogan with the vitamins and the glam and glitz versus The Fiend Bray Wyatt with Alexa Bliss in his corner. Hogan always worked better with big guys, so Bray could work a decent match with him. But the psychology would be brilliant. Hogan was always a white meat babyface who won matches with some low-key underhanded tactics at times. Bray would feast and pray on that and I think the promos/build would be epic.

Q: When will the sinkhole in Golden Meadow be fixed?

A: I know nothing about construction, but I do know that work is being done to remedy the situation. I’m hopeful that things will be back to normal before long.

Q: Do you think it’s safe to plan an event for fall?

A: Yes, I do. Plan cautiously, of course. There will likely still need to be some form of social distancing measures in place. But we’re getting better every day. The days of cancellations are close too over — if not fully over.

Q: Most underrated and overrated Cajun dish?

A: Overrated is easy — boiled crabs. You have to go to school and get a Master’s degree just to peel the damned thing, and when you do, you get a piece of meat about the size of a knuckle. Underrated is hard because I feel like most of the things I like a lot are pretty popular. But I will go with fried okra. That’s delicious and gets slept on.

Q: Pick 1: No more music in the world, no more seasoning on food or no more sports?

A: Wow. Certainly, anyone who knows me knows I have to have sports, so I can’t pick that. I’m not a big music buff, but I also am not unaware of the significance of it in giving color to our lives, so I can’t pick that one either. Give me bland foods, I guess, but woof, even that would be miserable.

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