Both Nicholls and LSU posted mostly clear APR reports yesterday, and all of the athletic programs at both schools are free from penalties and are fully eligible for postseason in 2020-21.

The NCAA released the latest APR scores yesterday, markers that indicate the academic success of individual athletic programs at keeping students eligible, enrolled, and, ultimately, graduating from their respective programs.

APR stands for Academic Progress Rate, and the NCAA started measuring the scores in 2003.

The purpose of the APR is to "hold institutions accountable for the academic progress of their student-athletes through a team-based metric that accounts for the eligibility and retention of each student-athlete for each academic term."

A perfect APR score for a team is 1,000, and the line between "passing" and "failing" is 930. Penalties are issued to programs that score less than a 930 score over a four-year period.

Penalties range from loss of practice time and scholarships - all the way to postseason bans, if programs become repeat violators.

Nicholls has one program, men's cross country, that posted an APR score below 930 in this report.

For men's cross country, their score is 898, but the team is not yet facing penalties because their four-year average is still above the 930 threshold, though not by much.

The team posted a 981 APR in 2015-16, which has helped to cover the 926, 896 and 898 scores they've posted in the past three years. Next year, that 981 score will be removed from the program's four-year score and if dramatic improvements are not made, the penalty phase will begin.

Penalty phases will be hurting several of Nicholls' Southland Conference rivals in 2020, per APR reports.

Two Southland Conference schools, McNeese and Stephen F. Austin are ineligible for postseason in football in 2020 after falling below the 930 threshold for multiple seasons.

Stephen F. Austin is also postseason ineligible for baseball and men's basketball.

LSU had no programs fall below the 930 benchmark, and, like Nicholls, all of their programs are in good standing with the NCAA.

The Tigers also had several programs earn perfect 1000 APR scores. Nicholls had none, but softball came close with a 995 APR score.

See full APR results for all of the programs at both schools.


Baseball: 969

Football: 945

Men's Basketball: 937

Men's Cross Country: 898

Men's Golf: 977

Men's Tennis: 981

Men's Track: 957

Softball: 995

Women's Basketball: 957

Women's Cross Country: 939

Women's Soccer: 980

Women's Tennis: 990

Women's Track: 946

Women's Volleyball: 976


Baseball: 973

Football: 952

Men's Basketball: 942

Men's Cross Country: 985

Men's Golf: 1000

Men's Swimming and Diving: 1000

Men's Tennis: 970

Men's Track: 973

Softball: 982

Women's Basketball: 981

Women's Beach Volleyball: 1000

Women's Cross Country: 1000

Women's Golf: 1000

Women's Gymnastics: 1000

Women's Soccer: 988

Women's Swimming and Diving: 996

Women's Tennis: 982

Women's Track: 983

Women's Volleyball: 995

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