Mayor Cantrell

A growing divide between the New Orleans Saints franchise and New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell grew wider today when the team took to its official social media page to discredit the mayor's sentiments about allowing fans in the Dome.

Earlier this week, the Saints confirmed that they were exploring any avenue possible to allow fans into games in future weeks - including the possibility of playing games in LSU's Tiger Stadium.

Team officials said they have heard no guidance, nor a timeline from the city regarding when fans could be allowed or what the team could do to ease the transition.

Today, Mayor Cantrell said she supported the idea of the Saints playing in Baton Rouge as a temporary solution, because there was "no way" she would allow 20,000 fans into the Dome.

"There is no way given the current conditions to allow 20,000 fans in the Superdome - an indoor stadium - when no one else is doing it in the United States of America because it's the right thing to do at this time."

But Cantrell spoke inaccurately multiple times in her press conference, which caused the team to use its official Twitter page to fire back.

The mayor said the reason she's not allowing fans in the Superdome is because it's an indoor stadium. She repeated several times today that every dome in the NFL is currently closed to fans.

That is not accurate.

Since the start of the NFL season, 33 games have had fans and 10 of those games were played in indoor venues with enclosed roofing.

The Saints said on their Twitter page that there have been no known reports of COVID clusters tied to indoor NFL games with fans.

The two-tweet thread was titled "Setting the record straight," listing all of the games that were played indoors with fans so far this season before listing in closing: "Furthermore, the Saints and Cardinals have played with a limited capacity under the roof. In NO instances have there been any reporting of COVID clusters or outbreaks in these situations OR any situations in stadiums with fans present."

The Saints are on a bye week this week.

The team is expected to decide what to do for future home games in the coming days. 

The Saints say it's their overwhelming preference to play in the Superdome, but they want fans to have a presence at games, which brings LSU's Tiger Stadium into play. 

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