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A Thibodaux High School student has tested positive for COVID-19, and while the school is still open at this time, contact tracing has placed several students into virtual learning quarantine for 2 weeks.

Kenny Delcambre, Director of Secondary Education with Lafourche Parish Schools, confirmed the positive test, adding that the school has done contact tracing since the result to identify the students who need to quarantine. 

At least one of those students is apparently a football player.

Tigers' quarterback Luke Alleman posted on his personal Twitter page this afternoon that his senior season is "now over" due to COVID. 

He also confirmed to The Gazette this afternoon that he does not have the virus, but has been taken down due to contact tracing. 

Delcambre said he could not identify any students who were positive or in quarantine, but he confirmed that as of now, the South Lafourche football game with Thibodaux is still on.

But he quickly added that today is Monday and things could change.

"We will do everything in our power to play that game," Delcambre said. "Right now, it's still on, and as I said, we will do everything we can to play the game. But can I promise you that on Thursday, we will be having the same conversation? Right now, I can't do that. These things change daily."

Delcambre said the school system is doing everything in its power to slow or limit the spread of COVID on campuses, but a lot of the cases are being traced to extracurricular activities outside of school days.

All three public high schools in Lafourche Parish are currently dealing with some form of COVID issues. South Lafourche and Central Lafourche are currently completely closed down from on-campus learning. Thibodaux is open, but is now dealing with the quarantining. 

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